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Watersports to enjoy at the Costa Brava


During your stay at Camping Bella Terra you can enjoy lots of fun activities, including water sports. The Costa Brava is one of the most popular places to spend holidays in Spain, and sports on the beach is a fundamental part of the experience in this paradise area.

- Sailing: on the Costa Brava the sea has the right conditions for sailors to practice. This water sports consists of completing courses in the shortest possible time. It is done by going on the water in boats that are only driven by the force of the wind on their sails.

- Jet skis: Jet skis are another fun activity to do in the sea of ​​the Costa Brava. You can rent one and cruise around the area and take advantage of the Mediterranean wind and sun.

- Human Hamster Balls: these balls are the ultimate sensation! They can be used on hard ground or on water and give you the feeling that you are a hamster. Do not worry; they are completely safe, made of translucent resistant material that gives the feeling of being in a bubble.

- Kayak: if you want a more quiet water sport, you can choose a kayak. Cruise in one of these small rowboats at your own pace and get to know the Costa Brava from this amazing viewpoint.

- Fly board: The fly board is one of the novelties that you will find during your holiday on the Costa Brava. It consists of a hover board and is driven with water under pressure and attached to a jet ski with the help of a rope. It is the perfect activity for those who want to enjoy moments full of adrenaline during their holidays.

The Costa Brava, where Camping Bella Terra is located, starts in Blanes and ends at the border with France, in Portbou. It consists of a coastal strip with an area of ​​214 kilometers with landscapes that stand out because of their intense green colour. Are you ready to enjoy your vacation in this earthly paradise and the water sports it offers?

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