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Vicenç Fernández, a lifetime at Camping Bella Terra

The current director has been with Camping Bella Terra for 45 years, first as a customer and now as management. In this photo, Vincenç Fernandez, first from the left, accompanied by his sister Susan and Margaret, his mother's niece, in the summer of 1975 at Camping Bella Terra. And under this photo, his parents, Mª Carmen and José Antonio.

Vicenç Fernández, director of Camping Bella Terra, has been involved in the Blanes campsite since childhood. His first contact was in 1973, when he was only 3 years old, he spent the summer at the Camping in the province of Girona, accompanied by his parents and his sister.

Vicenç, 'Vicen' for his friends, remembers with nostalgia, his first steps in the Camping Bella Terra, with floors of reeds, wooden tables and spacious tents with different rooms and a kitchen. 'In that time all campers went with a tent. At that time the Germans and the Dutch set up their tent and at the end of their holidays they offered them to the Spaniards. I remember that my parents bought their first tent (which is on the picture) for 7,000 pesetas. The current director, stayed 27 seasons at the campsite.

This close relationship continued with the first working contact at the age of 17 in the bar of the campsite, where he worked 4 seasons, with an indelible memory. 'Without a doubt, these were the best years of my life'.

Later, when he was 21 years old, he joined the reception team, where he worked eight seasons. In those years he combined that season with a module travel agencies, studied English, French and German at the official school of languages in Barcelona, ​​and studied Tourism at the School of Hospitality and Tourism CETT -UB in Barcelona. These studies allowed him to come into contact during the winter months, with travel agencies (worked at the now-defunct Travel Meliá) and the catering industry, where he worked in various hotels in the province of Barcelona in the evenings, while he finished his studies. He was also coordinator shows at the Palau Sant Jordi, for company events organization, Proactiv, where he worked with great artists such as Joan Manuel Serrat or Placido Domingo, who performed on the campus of Barcelona, ​​following the fire at the Gran Teatre del Liceu.

Through all this background he was able to obtain the title of travel agent and guide of Barcelona and Catalonia. On his own turn, he has got the title general director of tourism.

The year 2000 was unforgettable for him, because he was appointed head of the reception of Camping Bella Terra, and went to a permanent position throughout the year. "I want to thank the trust that the Ametller-Gimeno family has placed in me for being part of this wonderful little family." Fernandez held that position six years before he was appointed director, a position held so far. The leader has words of admiration and gratitude for the previous director, Mr 'Pepito'. 'He is a fantastic person, from whom I learned everything about the world of camping'.

In this 45-year connection with the campsite, the current director has been able to observe the evolution in this sector and the changes in the needs of the campers. "40 years ago everyone came in a tent and now customers enjoy the season, with their comfortable caravans and motorhomes, which must be very clear, because those who do not know the camping world do not understand it. Lots of people when you talk about camping 'have, the image of the backpacker comes to mind and this concept practically no longer exists.'

At the end, Fernandez notices how he sees the future of the sector, with the current phenomenon of glamping'In recent years, the merging of the camping and glamor is an upward trend, because people want to go back to the beginning of the camping, outdoor camping, but without loss of comfort or luxury. There is no doubt that glamping is a clear evolution from the range of campsites to a higher level of comfort, and an innovative accommodation offering that will surprise the campers ".

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